Most frequent questions and answers

We are an FTC robotics team that was formed in 2018 and whose purpose is beyond the competition itself, but you’ll have plenty of time to read about that. The team is made up of 20 hard-working, talented people that are willing to put their skills to use, day and night, to see a figment of their imagination become a part of reality. We can be described by our passion in what we do and the higher goals we keep setting for ourselves and we hope that, somewhere along the way, the reader will resonate with us and our mission.

Our mission is to spread the concept of robotics and show the greater public what they can do when equipped only with a dream and the will to make it real. And that is exactly the reason for which we attend different events and interviews and for which we present our work with every opportunity.

For those unaware, a DEMO is an event organized by a team for all others to take part in and test their robots to try to simulate the FTC competition and train for it. It is the closest thing to the real deal one a team can experience and that is why we always go all out for these kinds of events, preparing ourselves 101% to try to win. That is the mentality that we share which brought us to the finals in each of the last 3 DEMO’s we took part in, having achieved a 1st place and two 2nd ones to show for our work. One may think that 2nd place is the first to lose, but we believe that 2nd place is always the one who makes the most effort to overcome the 1st.

As one can already deduce, we are an enthusiastic team whose standards for themselves only raise with time. We support our own goal of spreading the concept of robotics and make ourselves known to the outside world, all while making new friends and having fun.


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