We have come up with a new challenge for all the kids in Iași – LEGO courses. We share our passion for robotics with the little ones by teaching them the basics of this domain and introducing them to programming and simple mechanical elements with the help of WeDo 2.0 Spike and, later, MindStorm LEGO sets. The classes involve being part of a team and trying to build a robot from zero. Step by step, every functionality encountered is explained to the children in as an interactive manner as possible.

Tracking System

This is a strange one. FUSE Robotics has all kinds of talented people with ideas who want to help those around. One of these ideas was to create a tracking app for events which would show how many people take part in the event, in which areas of the event they were situated and more. The app itself proved to be a success, having been used in two large events already – Rock’n’Iasi & Trandafir de la Moldova – working as intended. In the future we wish to develop the app to be even more useful to those organizing events, because we are familiar with the struggle of handling a large public in a limited area.

Dancing Robot - Xeni

What started out as a fun idea, building a friendly mascot for our team while also keeping its robotics theme soon became a popular project that has brought us a lot of publicity. Besides the events where we brought him such as Fuse Games and G-Fest, Xeni was also able to show his dancing skills for TV audiences going live to BZI, Apollonia TV and TVR Iași. Along these events the robot took many forms and has evolved each time.